MLM Marketing

Traffic Techniques

Use the Attractor Factor when doing anything below (MySpace especially)

  • Pay-per-click –> Google AdWords & Yahoo! Overture
  • Online Video –> YouTube, Video Search Optimization, etc.
  • MySpace Marketing –> Find hot prospects, build relationships with them and bring them to action (Use MySpace for networking with like-minded individuals) –> Also look into getting referrals for people who would be interested
  • Use eBay as well as the other auction sites –> Use the post Ad feature with a link to your site –> Place the ad up for around 30 days and ensure the ad is seen using all visibility strategies –>
  • In order to sometimes inflate your numbers, refresh the page so people see it is highly popular (ensure you are tracking the ad on eBay (using eBay traffic tracking tools) and the URL the people are clicking on).
  • Use CraigsList as well as the Local Marketing 2.0 sites — including InsiderPages (local social review sites)
  • Use the Yellow Page sites, vFlyer (create a script like vFlyer for personal use) and classifieds sites –> Both online and offline (newspapers)
  • Use the directories online (DMOZ, local directories, etc.)
  • Create a Get To Know Me or “Who Is” Page –> i.e. and drive traffic to your “Who Is” site
  • Create Social Networking profiles at the SN sites.

Ideas (Will be organized)

Educate people and give your visitors value –> Reel them in as though you are preselling to them and showing them well-researched information –> Send them to your MySpace page instead and give them ideas, research and techniques, not only on the products offered yet also on the techniques they may use in order to help themselves grow.

After the relationship is built, send them to your replicated site and give them a TON of detailed information, past what is given by your replicated site

Leverage technology in order to build the relationship before even talking to them.

Bring the people you sell to into your system and then show them all that you do — teach them comprehensively and then build on the relationship and help them make money using the same system you use.

People need to do MyStory Marketing and set-up their own identity, attract people and build relationships using things such as their MySpace page, stories and their Who Is page. –> It empowers people and develops leaders. Attract people who are just like you or better/smarter and then teach them what you do – Honesty is crucial. Your *Story* is Unique –> Tell the story on a site. Put up videos and build a MySpace page as well as LinkedIN and others. People will FIND YOU if you are out there — just give it all out and create a hub of knowledge for the masses. Breed leadership through MySpace, pictures, videos and knowledge sites and then network with others. Breathe new life into people and create excitement — delve into spiritual marketing too.

Touch. Move. Inspire and create entrepreneurship online –> Learn, Earn and Return this to others — Create your story, share your story.

Create communities and help each other out without looking into –> Create Empowerment and Leadership kits.

MySpace is great for getting people who are perfect leads since they were brought in by your profile and know who you are. Share ideas and network with others.

Build Mastermind teams and build up your network of ideas and action

SiteSell’s Way

Network Marketing corporations are not providing their reps with the correct tools and strategies to attract and win new leads and/or sales on the Net. For example…

  • They may provide “cookie cutter” Web sites — There’s nothing special about each one and the Search Engines ignore them all, compressing identical content out of existence.
  • They may provide online stores in their name.
  • There are hundreds of scammy lead-selling companies that sell the same lists of a million leads “for your downline.”
  • And finally, there are also government issues for Network Marketers to worry about… what you can say and what you can’t say.

The key to building significant revenues in Network Marketing is to build your “downline” and to make personal sales… Sales + Downline = Significant Residual Income. Based on this equation, it’s easy to see that an extensive network is essential.

5, 10, 20 leads per day like that. And best of all… they are calling you. When folks call you, the dynamics are completely reversed. You’re the expert. You’re the person who shares information. And they are the ones who initiated contact. That’s better than the best “diamond” can do… and the extroverted personality probably does not have the patience to build what you can do.

  • It’s too soon — blatantly selling “MLM” products or recruiting your downline in an aggressive fashion does not work on Net, and it won’t work with sites either, even with all that traffic. It’s just too soon to go for the sale.

Your goal is for your visitors to contact you, to WANT to speak to you. So create a great content site. Become an expert in your little niche, in your visitors’ eyes. Once you have someone on your site, reading your content, building some trust and interest in you, continue to be patient. Build a pipeline of warm leads…

  • Encourage folks to call or e-mail you if they have any questions. You’d be glad to answer them.
  • Build trust through the publication of a high quality newsletter. And again, in your newsletter, invite them to call or e-mail if they have questions.

Robert delivers his visitors a ton of solid helpful information. It effectively PREsells his company’s products, and yet he never mentions his Network Marketing business or the “opportunity” to his visitors. Extreme patience!

  • His articles serve as an effective introduction to his products which means that Robert can justify spending significant dollars to drive Pay-Per-Click traffic to his site.
  • Once visitors are introduced to the products, and come to know and trust their effectiveness and quality, they approach him wanting to know more about the company and the opportunity. In other words, Robert has been building his downline without worrying about building his downline!

Robert could chop some of those pages into smaller ones, each one tightly focused on a topic. The amount of high-quality content is mind-boggling but the pages could be reorganized to take better advantage of the free traffic from the major Search Engines.

Robert’s major strategy has been to focus on delivering great content and buying loads of Pay-Per-Click visitors. Robert focuses on OVERdelivering high-value content on health issues and related product benefits. He ignores the impulse to aggressively build a downline, letting others approach him instead. As a result, Robert has generated two sources of revenue…

  • through the sale of his company’s products
  • through an expanded downline.

Now, what if the truth within which lies your success is not based on selling your warm market off, yet it lies in the success within which niche markets flock towards certain types of content. Think of this for a second…..websites that become popular or show financial returns are normally created based on highly-targeted, informative content. Now, these websites are considered niche market sites. What if each MLM representative actually targeted niche markets instead of warm markets??

This would be how niche markets can come about being targeted….let’s say you are a part of ACN, Inc. and you are responsible for selling telecommunications products such as VoIP devises, video phones, long-distance phones, cell phones, etc. You are also responsible for selling the ideas and opportunities within which ACN provides. Now, normally your recruiter will have told you to give him the rolodex of everyone you know. Now, the data on your rolodex will be considered your warm market. The idea is, you never sell to your warm market – your warm market comes after your success or should never even be approached.

Anyways, you are now being told to sell off your warm market and you know that the real opportunity which your MLM overlooks is shown within the niche markets on the web. Let’s say you then create a site that hits a certain niche market interested in the technologies or products that exist within your MLM. The next action you would take is in providing trusted, valuable content to your traffic and flowing them to an opt-in list. In the opt-in list you will then build relationships with all members of the opt-in through time. Through time rapport is built within your circle of subscribers and trust is grown organically. Now, you start allowing everyone to contact you with questions, comments or suggestions. Through time you begin to develop a friendship with everyone and you learn that the truth behind MLM success is not based on your warm market yet based on the niche market of your site.

The first contacts you receive, you only provide them with information and knowledge they need to know. The second contact you receive,or possibly even the first if you achieved a relationship with them, you then start to sell them on the ideas and opportunities that lie in your MLM opportunity. You then tell them of what will guarantee them success and the failures your subscribers would normally observe if they went after their warm market. You are now helping them achieve a sense of security while asking them to take a chance on your offer and an action. Never create a sense of urgency, create a sense of passion and success to your subscriber. If you follow this formula and create a sense of trust, you will see success and will have the ability to gain 20-120 leads per day. If you are in the Top 1% of all sites in existence as well, you will have a much higher lead generator.

ACN, Inc. & Ideas for MLM Marketing


Representative Fee – $500
Web-host – $80/year
Perfection – Priceless
Time –> Based on the intervals of waiting & the building of your MLM assets

Total Cost — $580

Revenue Streams: The interlocking of products and the business opportunity Downline & Training  Teach & Replicate Google AdSense Affiliate products promoted Leads for products & Services as well as for the company Consulting & Teaching Products of other kinds  Information products, lead lists, etc.

Interlock with the MLM

Attraction: Content building and Content Traffic People interested in the topics discussed and raved over. Permission marketing & relationship building People’s view on me as an expert Articles ….Brainstorm more

Use SEO, LinkedIN, International customers, Amazon & eCommerce storefronts, communication boards, groups, etc., e-zines… Find MLM resources and all sites related — Make it as comprehensive as iMarketingGuru’s resources and content

Viral time – 3 months for warm market concentration Use the conference calls, use the sales materials for me to sell, use the sales-people from ACN, Inc. and think of ways to sell – I could place all people on autoresponders…

Newsletters and Autoresponders: (There will be one e-zine or eNewsletter sent to all tiers of customers/traffic as well as content on the site and archived information (all articles, e-zines and eNewsletters will be archived for future prospects & tiers))– write articles, content, RSS feeds, etc. (Brainstorm))

1st Tier – People interested in the site and the content (niche market interest) – Newsletters, e-zines, introductory information, resources, articles, etc. These people will be interested in information, the industry, resources and the up and coming products (affiliate marketing and MLM products – link a Google AdSense section near any content posted on the site). Answer all questions always – after 1 to 2 questions, promote the opportunity and the products while gaining respect, warmth and interest – Teach them and be viewed as a friend, expert, consultant and an expert.

2nd Tier – Prospective buyers and entrepreneurs (link this time to and keep the traffic streaming – calls and be personal (sales and teleconferences – provide the faults of the MLM and how I will ensure my people do not fail) as well as relationship building increases here – keep them close and warm and make sure they are comfortable – never be pushy. I will provide the secrets to success as well as the MLM information, products and opportunity – give all required authentic information and pull them in to learn and open their minds. Create entrepreneurs at this point and build frenzies).

3rd Tier – MLM buyers and opportunity entrepreneurs  give tutorials, guides, information sources, blueprints, what I have done, mentoring and information products (books and eBooks as well as products online that are sold the most and are the most valuable) Turn all into me and teach them the value of what they may accomplish  be professional and provide all partners with what they need – if they grow, I grow. Give them a look at the MLM industry, give them as much free stuff as possible and give case studies on other MLMs as well as people in my MLM that I will be promoting. Mentor and give advice as well as information and counsel.

(Move all people to an SBI solution and link all resources and information over to iMarketingGuru as well as my main site and my affiliated site). Build frenzies, loyalty and ensure their success  no scams and no failure, if there is failure, get the person up off of their feet.

Add Web 2.0 ideas to this  Build up Squidoo Lenses, bookmark sites, Flickr sites, MySpace profiles & groups, etc.

Get everyone who joins the MLM on LinkedIN and the other Business networking sites

Tell all of them to do things on the Web 2.0 sites and give them the ideas and tools to gain people as well.

Try to hit all methods of communication for building up the ACN network.


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