Forms of Marketing

  • Lateral Marketing
  • Differentiation Marketing
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Culture and Trend Marketing (Researching and Trending
  • Classified Ad Marketing – Online and Offline Mediums
  • Word of Mouth Marketing (user-group meetings, trade shows, technical conferences, training programs and association meetings – Training and educating the people who meet with customers pays nicely – industry watchers (analysts, consultants, soothsayers, futurists and others who publish information or speak at conferences)
  • Affluent Network Marketing (The wealthy always have the best connections with other affluent people – be a problem solver, information provider and wealth generator for the affluent and network as much as possible – Get referrals, reach, clients and endorsements – Affinity Marketing (affinity groups))
  • Continuous Change Marketing / Mikoshi Marketing/Trial-and-Error Marketing/Test Marketing – Decorate the most impressive product and service used to support your customer so that the customer feels and reacts perfectly. (Benchmarking and imitation are king – Test the waters quickly, make large waves and then make adjustments to beat out the competition)
  • CRM Marketing – Personalized advertising and editorial content. Data mining through special value cards that track all purposes. Create club membership cards that are used for customer loyalty (Clubcard Magazine – SEOMoz membership, etc – also, create specialty club cards for the niches) –> Resource: CRM2Day
  • Prospect Marketing – See what sites, newspapers, radio, television stations and promotional tools your prospects and current customers use/consume consistently. Follow-up with your customers and create relationships. Listen to your customers – Surveys, focus groups, database marketing. Make your customers feel important – Advanced notice of everything, special promotions, free services (normally charged a fee), gift certificates from complimentary businesses, free gifts, availability and loyalty programs — Use Casinos as the perfect example of customer loyalty programs
  • Evangelical Marketing – Follow Apple’s example – Be around your customers at all times. Start watching your competitors and invest in your competitors. Detect exploitable niches and move through those ranks towards your goal. Create a cause/cause marketing campaign (embody a vision, seize the high ground, redefine experiences and catalyze strong feelings). Go after grassroots users (follow Apple’s example) such as secretaries, graphic designers, temps, artists, students, interns, etc. Systemize all processes and create insurmountable efficiencies that scale. It’s all about the packaging and marketing. Christian and religious groups as well as cultish groups are also the greatest at creating followings.
  • High-Tech Marketing (The Chasm Bridging) – Innovator/early adopter, early majority (network effect), late majority, laggard. Pragmatists are at the end of the spectrum and need to see the network effect in action as well as ease of use and credibility. Capture each group from the left to the right as leverage for marketing to the next group(s). Create software for collecting customer/early adopter feedback for making the products/services better. Partner with other companies to dominate niches and force customers into the pockets of your partners and credibility. You need the WHOLE product as well as industry references and niche dominations. Create a customer profile for each customer and application of the product. Distribution channels: direct sales, two-tier retail, one-tier retail, internet retail, two-tier value-added reselling (VARs), National roll-ups (ICON national chains), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and systems integrators (niche project developers and deployers)
  • Buzz Marketing – Connect with the network hubs – the influencers and opinion leaders who are at the center of the networks and generate buzz by actively “seeding” your product with key customers and influencers who are highly trusted for giving good solutions.
  • Purple Cow Marketing – Work with the sneezers to make it easier to help your idea reach your target audience. Give them the tools and the story they will need to sell your idea. Try to make many variations of your purple cow product and reinvest to launch new Purple Cows consistently. Think small, outsource most activities, build and use a permission asset, copy successes from other industries and identify a competitor who’s generally regarded as “at the edges” and outdo it.
  • Renovation Marketing – Don’t look to do new things, look to do more of what makes your products successful in the first place. Track what you do and invest in what works and use metrics to link activities, investments and sales.

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